The world that Zora’s House is creating is a world that recognizes the full humanity of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; and creates space for these communities to thrive, not just survive. To feel safe. To have joy. To dream, create, and lead, free from the burden of patriarchy, white supremacy, and other forms of oppression.

That world starts with women of color.





Through innovative programming and shared community space, Zora’s House – the first and only coworking space and leadership incubator in Ohio created by and for women of color – works to ensure the full participation of Black women and other women of color in the civic, economic, and cultural life of our community.

Since its founding in 2018, Zora’s House has helped over 3,000 women of color to connect with mental health resources; navigate job losses and other COVID-19 related transitions; incubate businesses; and activate their leadership in their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

Building on this foundation, Zora’s House is investing $1M in capacity building funds as well as building a 10,000 square foot, $5M community hub that will serve as a center for leadership, innovation, and empowerment centering women of color; and act as a community-led economic development engine for Black, Latina, AAPI, Indigenous and other women of color across Central Ohio.

THIS IS OUR STORY. Watch (and support) in real time as we do what others have said can't be done. Bring together a team of fearless women of color. Raise $6 million. Build one of the largest real estate developments founded by a Black woman led organization in the midwest. And change how our community thinks of philanthropy, equity, and leadership in the process.


Zora's House is one of very few nonprofits created, led, and shaped by WOC and when this project is complete, it will be one of the largest real estate development in the Midwest built and owned by a Black woman founded organization. We are reimagining what's possible in the world and in our community when women of color are given every opportunity to dream, lead, and create.


Join us.